As the Black Friday deals start to pour into my inbox I am having to constantly remind myself that so many of these things will only bring a quick hit of happiness. And if I’m going to spend, I want it to feel like an investment. 
I don’t know about you, but I am such a sucker for a good deal and I am constantly having to stop + ask myself; Will this purchase really make me happy or improve my life in any way?
So for me a meaningful investment looks like experiences that create memories, supporting small business to keep the dreams of others alive + acts of service that show love to those who might need it most. Here are some ideas on how you can make that happen this holiday season:
With my people. Images by Asteria Photography
1 | Every Mother Counts
Check out their store! They partner with retailers who give back to this organization + they have their own goods for purchase too. If this is an issue that speaks to you, I also consider it an act of service to write + call your elected officials. (I know this can be intimidating. EMC does an excellent job providing talking points to make it easy peasy.)
2 | Public Goods
Clean, sustainable + affordable goods.
3 | Packed With Purpose
Great gifts to send if you need something more personal for business + each gift makes an impact.
4 | Google local business gift guides. There are tons of lists that support local businesses in your area that come out this time of year. Here is one for my hometown -  Columbus, Ohio. 
5 | Another way of supporting local/small, even without making a purchase, is to share that businesses content on your social media. In the same way reposting for a giveaway helps share the message of a business, so does simply sharing just because! 
Bonus, if you’ve had an interaction with that business write a review for them. This goes a LONG way as small businesses are built on word of mouth. 
6 | I like gifting experiences that promote self care. Ideas include yoga classes, massage, or a local favorite is a Ebb & Float, a float spa. 
7 | Here are 51 Holiday Service Projects. I am committed to #29. 
8 | I am excited to offer gift cards if you’re interested in gifting the experience of a photo shoot to someone you care about.
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