Because we live simultaneously in a connected + disconnected world, I want to help people see the beauty in others and themselves with the type of compassion + empathy that travel has the power to evoke.
Dream projects
Photographing a yoga retreat in Costa Rica or Namibia.​​​​​​​
Creating process imagery for a sustainable farm. 
Building a portfolio of images for an ecotourism business.
Supporting organizations that have connections with travel companies.
Photographing unique lodging to show people what to expect.
If this is you, please reach out!
I am all about collaboration. 
Regular travel plans
San Antonio | Austin | Houston - quarterly

Dream destinations 
Pacific Northwest, USA 
I had the opportunity to live in Cholula, Mexico for three months while studying in the Art + Design program though Ohio, University. As the only student from the College of Visual Communications going I had little choice but to dive headfirst into the unknowns of this adventure.
By the end of the quarter I was working on the logistics of how I could stay in Mexico for the foreseeable future. 
Never before had I had the opportunity to really experience a culture outside of my own with that amount of intensity and I LOVED IT. ​​​​​​​
I felt alive with endless possibilities. I created with my hands in a new way, I ate food that I didn’t know existed, I danced in the Zócalo with strangers and I made friendships that run deep till this day.​​​​​​​
Also, to be 100% honest, I was scared to go back home. I had changed and I wanted to keep discovering who this new person was. But a friend reminded me that this didn’t have to be the end to this type of thrill + adventure, but rather it was just the beginning.
In my opinion two of the biggest gifts of travel are:
1. The opportunity to find out who you really are outside of all the influences you have ever known. Whoa.
2. Connecting with people who are different than yourself. Here is where we really learn that we are all much more alike than we are different. This truth of being the same but different is a catalyst for true compassion and empathy.
I am genuinely grateful and knowingly fortunate to have spent meaningful time in places that once felt like unattainable shapes on a map. 
From teaching English in Thailand to backpacking in Peru, from drinking chai in the Thar Desert in India to paragliding in Nepal, from standing small in the Colosseum in Rome to whale watching in Alaska, I have undoubtedly found commonality + distinction in all of these places. 
The more you see, the more you know and the easier it becomes to relate to people by quickly creating deep connections. ​​​​​​​
More on how I share my deep appreciation for all the beauty in the world through photography with RATIO, a social enterprise I created in 2016.
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