What are your rates?
The average rate for wedding photography is around $3,200 for my clients. This varies based on time and travel. As I move into building custom packages for my clients, this is an open discussion. 

How many weddings do you book each year?
I am not a full time wedding photographer. Because of the pre + post planning work I do to create a stellar client experience I only book 5-7 weddings a year. However, I do second shoot quite a bit throughout the wedding season to be continuously working on my skill set.

Do you ever photograph more traditional weddings?
Sure! In fact I do a lot of second shooting which 9 times out of 10 are weddings that take the more traditional route. However in my personal business I feel like I best serve clients who are looking for something a bit more customized.

Do you take engagement photos?
Not only do I, I include a couple’s session in my packages because I think it is important we spend that time together before the big day. It is helpful beyond measure to get comfortable with me taking photos of you and I want time to get to know you better.
I do prefer to take couples portraits that include an activity or location that serves as a defining part of who you are together. 
For example: Maybe you’re both musicians and music is what brought you together and brings life to your growing relationship. Let’s go to a show, music festival, or record store together. 

Do you edit all weddings the same?
Yes + no. I have a general aesthetic I am consistent with but I don’t think photos taken in a field at sunset should receive the same editing approach as photos taken in the middle of the day downtown. 

What is your shooting style?
I have a 50/50 mix in terms of documentary and directed shooting. I want to capture your day as is, but I also want to create with my camera and with that comes some “lets try…” type of direction. When I am directing it is mainly to create a feel, rather than a specific pose. 

What is your turnaround time?
It can depend on the volume of photos but I do my best to get you a full edited galley within six weeks of your date. I send a preview within a few days though because let’s be honest we both can’t wait that long to see the photos. 

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