Walking into a yoga studio is like walking into someone’s home. Every detail from your decor to the layout to the people inside to the general vibe is personal. That’s because you have created a family of teachers and yogis who make that home, your studio, move + breathe.
As a small business owner, I get that. As a yogi, I also know that studios can be intimidating. Visual branding is your opportunity to show what you represent + for whom before your potential client even opens the physical door.
People want to show up and have a safe space that allows them to grow; to be challenged while being accepted. 
For all we make up in our mind about what an experience may or may not look like, visuals can help mend the gap + settle the mind.  Building a visual brand can round out the client experience by creating a spark they can connect to then letting them know what to expect.
Whether your studio is in an area that has 2 or 200 other studios to choose from, people are trying to find their version of home. Your studio is a home. I want to help you show why you’ve built it + who lives inside those walls.
Below are a handful of studios I’ve had the pleasure of working with and a little insight into how we created these images together. To see their full galleries, click on the button below each description.
H E A R T F E L T  Y O G A
Under new ownership + a new name, it was important that Heartfelt Yoga shared its fresh look + fresh faces in a collective representation. We photographed a large variety of images over the course of two and a half days to create a catalog of work they could use for their new visual presence: website, social media, publications and other materials.
I photographed teachers giving adjustments, gathered together as friends, living in quiet, meditative shapes and practicing active, energized poses alike.
With incredible intention behind each shot, we created unified individual portraits as well as showed the full range of the environment. By no accident we captured Heartfelt Studio as it was most alive, just as yogis and teachers use it every day.
I am very proud of this full catalog because it represents the entire life of a studio: the home, the family, the work + the dream.
T H A N K  Y O G A
For the visual rebranding of THANK Yoga it was important to the new owner that people knew they could come to her studio and truly be themselves. Yoga studios can be intimidating and she wanted to show that you can just be who you are and that is enough. 
The teachers lead by example as we created conceptual portraits using bright + bold colors to show who they are as real people, not just yoga teachers. 
We also captured the teachers in poses they most identified with to show them in their element on the mat. There were no rules to this besides to "move in ways that feel like you in clothes that feel like you" - tie dyed cropped shirts with holes encouraged.
G O  Y O G A

This was a very special shoot for me because it was my first yoga photoshoot with the first studio I had ever belonged to with the first teachers I ever had. 
We kept it simple with all the teachers wearing black. This allowed for their personalities to be highlighted and created a lot of opportunity with marketing material. 
GoYoga has grown to 8 studios since we had our initial shoot + am honored to have had a small part in that journey.
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