Every yogi I’ve ever worked with defines yoga differently. For some, it’s about creating the building blocks to get deeper into a pose, for some it’s restorative in finding quiet space in your head with simple shapes of your body, and for others it’s simply guiding the breath. I want to help you share all the ways yoga can look and not just for the sake of creating a pretty Instagram page, but with hopes that someone else connects with your definition of yoga. 
If they connect with your definition, they show up for you:
 to your class, for your business, in your life.

​​​​​​​I want to help you share how yoga has impacted your life 
+ create a visual representation of what yoga means to you.
Whether you’re a full-time yoga teacher, you’re just starting training teacher training or you’re like me, a regular person in stretchy pants rocking a top bun, a yoga photoshoot can help you:
Below are a handful of yogis I’ve had the pleasure of working with and a little insight into how we created these images together. To see their full galleries, click on the button below each description.
I took these photos of Clara right before she moved to Germany. Along with going back to school she was also hoping to continue teaching yoga. She used these photos to help market herself with some credibility in a new city. 
I’m so proud of Clara for the new life she has built in Europe. I also love that these images serve as a reminder of a time when she was figuring out what was next while living in Texas. Photography can be powerful like that. It is the past, present and future all rolled into one.
"Morgan didn’t just take pictures, she captured the light, warmth, energy and presence of me in my space. As a yoga instructor and small business owner, these photos have greatly strengthened my visual presence online. 
The photos relay a sense of who I am— not glammed-up model-shot versions of me— but rather me as I am: authentically, simply, and beautifully." | Clara 
When Melissa started to brand herself as a full-time yoga teacher we got together to create content she could use to show the diversity of her practice. We did this by shooting all over her in-laws property and creating a catalog of wide + tight shots along with some sequences she could show some do’s + don’ts with. 
One of the images was used to show Melissa in her element when she was published in Yoga Journal as The Future of Yoga: 15 Millennial Yoga Teachers to Watch
Since taking these photos of Melissa I have worked with her multiple times, from branding a studio she owned to her micro wedding. I’m so grateful to form these lifelong relationships with my clients as it is a total joy to see them grow + move through life.
All I really knew about Roseli before meeting in Ft. Lauderdale was that she is from Brazil and focuses on macro nature photography + yoga as creative outlets from working at her corporate job 5 days a week. 
We clicked quickly talking about culture, travel, and relationships all on our walk to find the perfect spot to shoot on the beach at sunrise. 
I believe these photos are a true testament to what can happen when two people show up ready to be vulnerable + collaborate without expectations. I hope to bring this type of creative freedom into all of my shoots.
"Morgan’s work is so genuine that she was able to translate my personality and get it into the photo, even though we had just met. The whole experience was so organic that I never felt like I was posing for a photograph, I was just being myself and having fun with it, my friends even told me that the pictures were beautiful + totally my style." | Roseli 
Anne was my very first yoga teacher. I was intrigued how she combined the anatomy, breath, discipline and humor into her classes all with very fluid movements. With a background in dance it makes sense. 
I wanted to make sure we were able to create images that communicated the depth that Anne brings to a yoga class + private sessions as I knew she planned to use these photos on her website + social media pages. 
I think they are a beautiful display of Anne’s knowledge about yoga + how it makes her feel.
As a classical musician, Kayleigh has a very unique perspective when it comes to body movement. She shares her knowledge to the masses on her frequently trafficked blog, Musicians Health Collective. She has personal relationships with clients in the studio as yoga + pilates teacher.
With all the dimensions Kalyeigh embodies I felt it was important to experience what it is like to work with her before I tried to create a visual representation of that feeling.
Through my experience with her both in the studio and in plenty of conversations, I found Kayleigh to be incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about helping people feel good in their bodies. 
These photos helped her to share those truths on her website, blog, social media and other platforms as she finished out her time in San Antonio, TX and upon her move to Seattle, WA.
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